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Metal Roofing In Portland

Residential roof metal

When it comes to metal roofing in Portland, the roofing specialists to trust are RJ Ramos Roofing. There are a number of benefits of metal roofing which is why it has become so popular with both residential and commercial customers.

While once used primarily on only commercial structures or utilitarian buildings like barns or sheds, more homeowners are opting for this type of roof. Learn more about the benefits so you can make the appropriate decision for your own home or business.

Understanding the Benefits of Metal Roofing

So what makes metal roofing so beneficial?

  • In most cases, warranties for metal rooftops span 20-50 years. Yet, with proper care and maintenance, your metal roof can last 50-70 years. The life expectancy alone is why many homeowners opt for this during their roof replacement.
  • The weight of a metal roof is light, compared to other options. That makes it ideal for any application, including large surface areas.
  • It's recyclable so you can feel good about being more green and doing what's environmentally responsible.
  • Metal roofing is fire resistant. In fact, they have a Class A fire rating which is the highest fire-resistant rating. Of course, that is only as good as the material underneath so make sure you learn more about that before you design and build your home or commercial building.
  • This style of roof is able to shed rain and snow quickly and easily. This is especially true if you opt for a darker color that warms quickly even in winter, and melts and sheds snow faster.

The topic of sound is unique to each person. While some homeowners feel the noisier roof is a drawback, for others it's actually a benefit.

If you like the sound of rain hitting a metal roof, you'll appreciate this. If you would like to find out more about metal roofing for your Portland home, give us a call.

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If you’re looking for metal roofing in the Portland area, then please, call us at 971-229-1186 or complete our online consultation form.