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RJ Ramos Roofing: Aloha's Premier Roofing Contractor

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At some point as an Aloha homeowner, you're going to need assistance from a professional roofing contractor. In fact, you're going to likely need this type of professional several times so it's important to find a reliable service provider.

For Aloha homeowners, that company should be RJ Ramos Roofing, because we genuinely care about our customers. Let us show you, firsthand, how we have earned the reputation for being one of the most reliable roofing contractors in the area.

How to Tell if You Need Aloha Roof Replacement

Do you just need repairs or is it time for roof replacement?

  • Know the age of your roof and not just your Aloha home. For instance, the average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 20 years while a metal roof is 50 or more. If someone is trying to convince you a new roof is in order well before that time frame, you definitely need a second opinion.
  • What type of damage do you have and how severe is it? Suffering one minor leak is much different than have your roof riddled with holes from a hail storm. In the latter example, it's more cost-effective to replace the roof, plus the structural integrity has already been compromised.
  • Moss growth or black streaks from algae can often be washed away. However, if left to cause extensive damage, replacement may be the more viable option. You don't want to pay for softwashing and repairs only to find out you still need replacement.

Make it a point to work with a reputable roofer and you'll never have to worry about whether or not they are steering you straight. That's where our team comes into the picture.

Call on us to act as your Aloha roofing contractor for the finest in honest feedback and workmanship. We look forward to partnering with you.

Reviews & Testimonials on RJ Ramos Roofing in Aloha, OR

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If you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor in the Aloha area, then please, call us at 971-229-1186 or complete our online consultation form.